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MARCH 15, 2015

Madison Music Collective, Mad Toast Live and WORT 89.9FM Present:

"Jazz on a Sunday" featuring vibraphonist


with The Johannes Wallmann Trio

Christian Tamburr--vibraphone, Compositions

Johannes Wallmann--Piano

Keith Leinert--Drums

John Christensen--Bass

DOORS 12:30 / CONCERT 1:00 

Tickets at 



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Episode 277 - Richie Cole

Arguably the greatest living keeper of the bebop flame, alto saxophonist Richie Cole returns to Madison in this season kickoff program for Madison Music Collective’s “Jazz on a Sunday” series hosted by Chris Wagoner and Mary Gaines of Mad Toast Live.  Richie will be joined by a rhythm section led by our celebrated local pianist Dave Stoler.




Episode 263 - Luke Polipnick


Part One
Guitarist-composer-producer Luke Polipnick returns to Madison with a special group of top improvisers from New York City (drummer Mike Pride) and the Twin Cities (saxophonist Brandon Wozniak and bassist Adam Linz) to kick off a Fall Midwestern tour. Luke and his band-mates exemplify the eclectic approach that many of our younger creative musicians are taking today, moving with great skill and confidence as they cross and integrate musical genres, while infusing their music with the improvisational spirit and masterful technique so central to good jazz. For "Jazz on a Sunday," Luke's group will be performing new music that he composed for the group's Fall tour. He describes it as featuring "thematic material from folksy to rocking but rooted in jazz, appealing to fans of "post rock," folk, reggae, free improvisation and mainstream jazz."




Episode 262 - Karen Savoca & Pete Heitzman

Episode 2 of 2

Karen and Pete graced our show a couple years back and we've never quite recovered...not sure we want to.  This soulful folk duo played another great show.  Enjoy!




Episode 259 - Robby Schiller

Eclectic songwriter, and member of the Madison band the Blueheels, Robby Schiller plays a powerful set.




Episode 256 - Laura Caviani

Twin Cities-based Laura Caviani (piano) and Pete Whitman (tenor saxophone) and Madison’s John Schaffer (bass) and Rand Moore (drums) explore themes by famous classical composers using improvisation in a straight–ahead jazz format.





Episode 250 - Oak Street Ramblers

Though their influences hail from much further south, the Oak Street Ramblers call home the East Side of Madison, WI. A bluegrass band in the tradition of Flatt and Scruggs, Jimmy Martin, and Hazel Dickens, the Oak Street Ramblers specialize in bluegrass stompers, classic country weepers, and originals that, lyrical content aside, wouldn't sound out of place at a barn dance circa 1954.




Episode 249 - The Melon Heads

They play all original music from their heart and souls. An acoustic groove. A modern sound on old instruments. High energy banjo and guitar with deep, thought-provoking lyrics with a conscience.




Episode 248 - Patchouli

Sparkling acoustic sounds and powerful contagious chemistry, Patchouli’s down-to-earth, hopeful songwriting is “New American Folk” blending elements of folk, pop, flamenco and jazz with world beat rhythms. Their sound has been described as “the harmonies of Simon & Garfunkel meet the guitar brilliance of the Gipsy Kings. After 12 years of non-stop touring and the release of their 15th CD, "Terra Guitarra: Dragonfly", Patchouli has truly earned the title, “the hardest working folk duo in America”.




Episode 247 - Kivi & Pray

Thomas Kivi and Sarah Pray are Wisconsin-raised songwriters who met in the Minneapolis springtime. A Hank Williams song sung on the back porch turned into a folk/country duo eager to travel. Kivi & Pray covered 10,000 miles over the next two years as they toured in Europe and the U.S. Their new duo live EP, "Winter in Decatur" is available as a digital download.




Episode 244 - University of Wisconsin Russian Folk Orchestra

The UW Russian Folk Orchestra, now in its 15th season, is a unique ensemble performing Russian and other East-European folk music on authentic Russian instruments, balalaikas and domras. The orchestra was founded and is directed by Victor Gorodinsky. The RFO is made up of two groups of authentic Russian stringed instruments: balalaikas and domras, it uses accordions, bayans (button accordions), as well as various woodwind and percussion instruments.







Episode 242 - Marilyn Crispell

The New York Times says that “hearing Marilyn Crispell play solo piano is like monitoring an active volcano. She is one of a very few pianists who rise to the challenge of free jazz.” Ms. Crispell returns to Madison to perform solo and with a trio that includes Chicago-based “free jazz” stalwarts Harrison Bankhead and Avreeayl Ra and Madison-based multi-instrumentalist JoAnne Pow!ers.



Episode 241 - Dietrich Gosser

Dietrich Gosser is one of Madison's premier songwriters.  We are excited to finally have him on the show.



Episode 240 - Brad Yoder

Pittsburgh singer/songwriter Brad Yoder joins us for an acoustic  set.





Episode 233 - Daylight in the Swamp

Daylight in the Swamp is a contemporary bluegrass band based out of Madison,Wisconsin. The band members are a collection of some of the top musicians in the area. The various influences they bring to the group show the diversity of their backgrounds.




Episode 232 - Emmettville

Led by songwriter Jay Moran, local rock/folk band Emmettville brings their talents to the Mad Toast Live stage.




Episode 230 - Gregg Williard

Artist, author, radio host and performer Gregg Williard reads his original cyber-punk fiction.   Check out his radio show on 89.9 WORT in Madison every 3rd and 4th Friday of the month from 11:00 to 12:00 midnight (just before Mad Toast Live!).




Episode 224 - Jack Grassel & the Super Guitar Trio

Joined by Kirk Tatnall on guitar and drummer Dane Richeson , this free-wheeling romp through some interesting and thought-provoking material will challenge the listener from start to finish. The two guitarists will be performing on the Superax, an instrument that was invented by Grassel. It enables the players to play bass and guitar strings on the same neck. This allows a trade off between bass lines and guitar parts, eliminating the need for a separate bass instrument.